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৳ 3,000.00

Specifications of RFL Getwell Air Mattress

  • Brand: Getwell
  • Product Name: Getwell air bed mattress
  • Product Type: Medical Air Mattress
  • Mattress Size: 200x90x7 cm (Single Size)
  • Air Output: 5-5.5 L
  • Pressure Range: 70-130 mmHg
  • Prevents Bed Sores
  • Recommended for: Bedridden, paralyzed patients
  • Portability: Handy and easy to transport
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Material: Medical-grade PVC with fire-retardant treatment
  • Adjustable Hangers: Suitable for any hospital bed frame

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Buy GW-AM002 RFL Getwell Air Mattress at the Best Price in Bangladesh

The RFL Getwell Air Mattress GW-AM002 is excellent for people who have to stay in bed due to illness or disability. It has a 5 to 5.5-liter air output and a pressure range of 70 to 130 mmHg, helping to prevent bed sores. The mattress has adjustable hangers that can fit any hospital bed frame. When used alone, it’s 200 x 90 x 7 cm. The package also includes an air pump with an anti-bedsores system.

Getwell Air Mattress Features

Features of RFL Getwell Medical Air Mattress for Patients

  • Built-in Pump: RFL Getwell medical Air Mattress quickly inflates and deflates the mattress.
  • Multiple Firmness Levels: This bedsore air mattress adjusts the mattress to your preferred comfort.
  • Water-Resistant or Waterproof Covering: Getwell medical air mattress protects against spills and simplifies cleaning.
  • Carrying Case: This air mattress is convenient for transport and storage.
  • Queen or King Size Options: Comfortably accommodates one or two sleepers.

Getwell Air Mattress Product Photo

This mattress boosts blood flow for healing, eases pain by reducing pressure points, and enhances overall comfort for better sleep and well-being.

Order our Getwell air mattress Today from Tista Online Shop and get comfort for your caring person who is suffering bedsore problems. It is also usable for hospitals, nursing home and private homes also.

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What is the Price of Getwell medical air mattress in Bangladesh?

GW-AM002 Getwell air mattress price in Bangladesh is Tk. 3,000. You can buy it from Tista Online Shop or can visit our orrice.

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