Medical Air Mattress Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Medical Air Mattress Buying in Bangladesh

A medical air mattress is like a portable one you can carry in a small bag. It's made of soft velvet and resin and can easily be folded. When you want to use it, inflate it with an electric motor and set your Bed. Hospitals use similar beds called medical air beds.

At Tista Online Shop, We offer premium-quality Medical air mattresses at the best prices in Bangladesh, designed to treat stage 1-2 bedsores in our patients effectively. This medical air bed mattress system uses 'Adjustable Alternating Pressure' to provide excellent therapy. This innovative air mattress features a user-friendly pump for effortless adjustments to your desired comfort level, making it a trusted choice in healthcare facilities. You can use the 'Alternating Pressure Pad' on a regular twin bed or a standard medical bed frame. This unique therapy helps relieve pressure on the body and promotes better blood flow for the patient.

Medical Air Mattress Price in Bangladesh

The latest price of medical air mattresses starts from Tk. 3,000 to Tk. 5,000. For top-quality ones are Tk. 5,000 to Tk. 16,000. The price range of air mattresses in Bangladesh is based on brand, size, and adjustable electric pump features.

Why Should You Use a Medical Air Mattress?

Medical air bed mattresses are essential in enhancing patient care with advanced technology. These bedsore air mattresses have many benefits, including improved blood circulation, reduced pressure, and bedsore prevention. These air mattresses provide a calm sleep environment and allow easy movement. They also have user-friendly air control adjustable pumps which are programmable. These mattresses are ideal for hospitals and home healthcare. They have premium quality and proper safety standards and are made from fire-resistant materials, prioritizing patient well-being.

How Do You Select the Most Comfortable Medical Air Mattress?

Before you choose a medical air mattress for yourself or a loved one, there are some important things to think about:-

  • Dura Beam Technology: First, Ensure the air mattress has Dura-Beam technology. This feature enhances stability when sitting or lying on the Bed.
  • Weight Capacity: Not all medical air bed mattresses have the same weight-bearing capacity. Because not all anti-bedsore air mattresses have the same weight-bearing capacity, select a bed mattress based on its ability to support the required weight.
  • Leak Inspection: Check the air bed for leaks because it's filled with air. Even a tiny leak can let air escape. And remember, nowadays, all air beds have an outside machine to pump them up.

Sizes of Medical Air Bed Mattresses are available in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there are different types of Medical air bed mattresses available. However, currently, two kinds of bedsore mattresses are trendy. These are:

  1. Single Air Bed Mattress: This size is suitable for one person and typically measures up to 6.25 x 3.25 feet. Single-air beds can support a weight of up to 140kg.
  2. Double Air Bed Mattress: These mattresses come in various sizes, ranging from 4.25 x 6.25 feet to 6 x 6.65 feet, all designed to accommodate two people comfortably. Double-air beds can handle weights from 270kg to 280kg.

You can fold up these mattresses and use them as comfortable air sofas when you need extra seating.

Best Medical Air Mattress Price List in Bangladesh (BD) 2024

From this list, you can buy the best and most popular Medical Air mattresses. 

Medical Air Mattress

Price in Bangladesh

RFL Getwell Air Mattress

৳ 3,000

Apex Spring Mattress

৳ 4,000

Promixco Anti Bedsore Air Bed Mattress

৳ 3,500

Yuwell Pneumatic Air Bed Mattress

৳ 15,500

Elite Anti Decubitus Air Mattress

৳ 2,990

Inflatable Medical  Air Bed Mattress

৳ 12,000