Memory Foam Car Seat Neck Pillow| Cushion for Neck Pain Relief & Cervical Support |

৳ 1,500.00

Specifications of Memory Foam Car Seat Neck Pillow

  • Item Name: Car Seat Neck Pillow
  • Material: Mesh, PVC, polyester
  • Color: Yellow
  • Type: Neck Cushion
  • Filling Material: 100% Memory Foam
  • Cover Material: Polyester Mesh

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Memory Foam Car Seat Neck Pillow for Neck Pain and Cervical Support

Make your car rides more comfortable with our Memory Foam Car Seat Neck Pillow. This pillow supports your neck, reduces pain, and makes long drives more enjoyable. It’s made from high-quality memory foam that shapes itself to fit the curve of your neck perfectly.

Features of Memory Foam Car Seat Neck Pillow

  • High-Quality Design: The memory foam car neck pillow features a stylish slanted pattern, adding elegance to its appearance.
  • Easy to Clean: This pillow has a smooth zipper, which makes it simple to maintain and clean.
  • Secure Fit: This car neck pillow has a double strap design and durable buckles to keep the pillow in place.
  • Breathable Material: The inside is lined with a comfortable and breathable polyester fabric, making it pleasant to use.

Benefits of Using Memory Foam Car Seat Neck Pillow 

  • Memory foam shapes your neck and head, offering better support than regular car headrests. It reduces neck pain and stiffness, especially during long drives. 
  • A memory foam headrest pillow helps maintain head and neck alignment, enhancing overall driving posture. It also reduces fatigue and pain in other body areas, like your back and shoulders.
  • This memory foam headrest car pillow supports your neck and head, reducing muscle tension and fatigue. Promotes feeling more alert and focused while driving.
  • Neck Pillow for Car Headrest Car naps are more comfortable and beneficial for frequent travellers or those struggling to sleep in unfamiliar environments. It is helpful for long-distance journeys.

How you choose the Right Memory Foam Car Seat Neck Pillow

  • High-Density Memory Foam: Look for car pillows made from high-density memory foam for optimal support and comfort.
  • Proper Size: Choose a pillow that fits your neck well, avoiding options that are too big or too small.
  • Consider Shape: Some headrest neck pillows are contoured for extra neck support, while others have a more traditional shape.
  • Comfortable Material: Ensure the fabric is soft and breathable for a cosy touch.

Note: Not all memory foam neck pillows are the same, so consider factors like size, shape, firmness, and foam quality. Also, check compatibility with your car seat for the best results.

Our Memory Foam Car Seat Neck Pillow offers excellent cervical support for comfort on long drives. Order yours today from Tista Shop, and check out our top-quality car seat cushions for added comfort. We also have best quality car seat seat cushion for your comfortable sitting.

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What is the Price of a Memory Foam Car Seat Neck Pillow in Bangladesh?

The Memory Foam Car Seat Neck Pillow Price in Bangladesh is TK. 1,500. You can Order Now from the Tista Online Shop or visit our Store. For more info, call us at 📱+8801996401417.


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