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Buy a Wheelchair at the Best Price in Bangladesh from Tista Online Shop

Wheelchairs are important for people with disabilities because they help them move around by themselves and join in everyday activities. In Bangladesh, the " Tista Online Shop " has different kinds of wheelchairs. They pick the right one, whether manual or electric, which is crucial for comfort and ease. Getting a wheelchair from Tista Online Shop can make a big difference, making it much easier for people with disabilities to move around and enjoy a better quality of life.

Best Wheelchair Buying in Bangladesh

At the  Tista online shop  in Bangladesh, you can find different types of wheelchairs to meet various needs. These include:

Electric Wheelchair: These electric wheelchairs use rechargeable batteries to move and are great for indoor and outdoor use. They're easy to navigate without a lot of physical effort.

Commode Wheelchair: These commode wheelchairs have a built-in toilet, making them convenient for those who need bathroom access while in their wheelchair. They're especially helpful for people with limited mobility.

Foldable Wheelchair: These foldable wheelchairs can be folded for easy transport, making them perfect for frequent travelers or those with limited storage space.

Standing Wheelchairs: These standing wheelchairs allow users to stand up, helping prevent muscle weakness and improve circulation.

Sleeping Wheelchair: These sleeping wheelchairs are designed with adjustable backrests, which let users recline for better comfort during extended periods in the wheelchair. They're great for preventing discomfort and pressure sores.

Portable Wheelchair: Similar to foldable wheelchairs, these are easy to transport and often come with features like removable armrests and leg rests. They're suitable for navigating different environments and adapting to various situations.

What to Consider when Buying a Perfect Wheelchair?

Choosing the right wheelchair at the best price is important, and it depends on the specific needs of the person using it. Here are some things to think about before buying a wheelchair:

  1. A manual Wheelchair for Regular Use  suits those with lower body disabilities but requires enough arm strength.
  2. A commode Wheelchair for Toilet Accessibility  is appropriate for patients with difficulty reaching the toilet.
  3. Wheelchair for Regular and Prolonged Use  is ideal for those using a wheelchair regularly for an extended period, allowing tilting of the back for added comfort.
  4. An electric Wheelchair for Limited Hand Strength  is suitable if the patient lacks enough hand strength but can control a switch with their fingers.
  5. Folding Wheelchair for Portability:   Purchase this type of wheelchair for easy transportation anywhere.

When buying a wheelchair, consider these things carefully-

  • Comfort: Soft seat and good back support.
  • Mobility Needs: Big wheels for rough terrain.
  • Size and Weight: Light if you move it a lot.
  • Portability: Foldable for travel.
  • Safety Features: Brakes, anti-tip bars.
  • Durability: Ensure it lasts.
  • Extras: Tray, cup holder.

Always keep your budget in mind, but focus on what suits your needs. To select the ideal wheelchair, always get advice from a healthcare professional or doctor.

Price of Wheelchairs in Bangladesh

Wheelchairs come in different types and qualities, and their prices can vary. In Bangladesh, wheelchairs are priced from as low as 7,200 Taka to 19,900 Taka. This price range covers both Manual Wheelchairs, which need physical effort to move, and Digital/Electronic Wheelchairs, which are powered. Costs also differ for specific types like Commode Wheelchairs, designed for easier toilet use, and Sleeping Wheelchairs, offering added comfort during rest.

Choose a wheelchair within your budget by considering the patient's needs and the features that will provide maximum comfort and functionality.

You can Order a Wheelchair at the Best Price in Bangladesh from the Tista Online Shop. We also offer after-sales service after you buy your products if necessary.


Price in BD

Promixco PX05 Braking Wheelchair for Patients

৳ 8,500.00

Kaiyang KY607 Foldable Commode Wheelchair

৳ 19,000.00

Kaiyang KY608-46 Commode Wheelchair for Stroke

৳ 12,000.00

Kaiyang KY809-46 Light Weight Wheelchair

৳ 7,200.00