Electric Commode Wheelchair Dayang DY077601 for Stroke and Paralysis Patient

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Specifications of Dayang Commode Wheelchair DY077601

  • Brand: Dayang
  • Product Name: Dayang Medical Transfer Electric Commode Wheelchair DY077601
  • Product Model: DY077601
  • Product Origin: Foshan, China
  • Weight Capacity: 136 kg (300 lbs.)
  • Seat Width: Available in 46 cm (18″) or 51 cm (20″)
  • Seat Height: 48 cm (19″)
  • Backrest Height: 45 cm (18″)
  • Armrest Height: 25 cm (10″)
  • Wheel Diameter: 25 cm (10″)
  • Overall Dimensions: 105 cm x 66 cm x 90 cm (41″ x 26″ x 35″)

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Buy an Electric Commode Wheelchair Dayang DY077601 for Stroke Patients Online

The Dayang medical transfer commode wheelchair DY077601 is perfect for transferring users to a sofa, bed, bathroom, and other locations. Its open design allows quick entry, reducing caregivers’ physical strain. This model features a remote control for easy height adjustment and a 2.6AH, 24V battery that charges in 3 hours for up to 300 uses.

This electric commode wheelchair is engineered with two seat width options, 46cm and 51cm, and caters to different user weight needs. The 51cm seat can support up to 130kg, while the 46cm seat can hold up to 100kg. This design ensures safety and comfort for all users.

Dayang DY077601 Electric Commode Wheelchair Parameters

Product Parameters

The Dayang Medical transfer electric commode wheelchair DY077601 is designed with precision and user comfort in mind. Here are its detailed specifications:

  • Wheelchair Width: 58.5 cm
  • Folding Width: —
  • Seat Width: 46 cm / 51 cm
  • Rear Wheel Diameter: 3″
  • Front Wheel Diameter: 5″
  • Seat Height: Adjustable from 39.5 cm to 59.5 cm
  • Wheelchair Height: Adjustable from 87.5 cm to 107.5 cm
  • Wheelchair Length: 69 cm
  • Seat Depth: 40 cm
  • Back Height: 37 cm
  • Weight Capacity: 100 kg
  • Weight: 26.5 kg

This wheelchair is to provide optimal functionality and comfort. Its adjustable features allow customization to meet individual needs, while the durable construction ensures reliable performance. Whether for transferring from a wheelchair to a sofa, bed, or bathroom, the Dayang Medical Transfer Commode Wheelchair DY077601 offers an efficient and comfortable solution.

Dayang DY077601 Electric Commode Wheelchair Other Features

Features of Dayang Medical Transfer Commode Wheelchair DY077601

  • Open Design: Facilitates easy access for users with mobility challenges.
  • Remote Control: Allows for effortless ascending and descending, enhancing user convenience.
  • Battery: Includes a 2.6AH, 24V battery for long-lasting performance without frequent recharging.
  • Commode Seat: Provides a convenient and hygienic solution for personal care needs.
  • Sturdy Construction: Ensures durability and safety during transfers and daily use.

Dayang DY077601 Electric Commode Wheelchair Side View

Benefits of Dayang Medical Transfer Commode Wheelchair DY077601

  • Independence: This electric commode wheelchair helps users maintain autonomy by enabling easier transfers between surfaces.
  • Accessibility: Ideal for individuals with limited mobility who require assistance moving to and from different locations.
  • Ease of Use: The open design and remote control feature makes it straightforward for users to enter and exit the wheelchair.
  • Convenience: This electric commode wheelchair Includes a built-in commode seat, offering a practical option for toileting needs.
  • Reliability: The wheelchair’s robust construction and reliable battery ensure long-term usability, providing peace of mind to caregivers and users alike.

Dayang DY077601 Electric Commode Wheelchair Left Side View

The 51cm seat width can safely hold up to 130kg, and the 46cm seat width can hold up to 100kg. This design allows users to meet their weight needs, ensuring safety and comfort. We also sell the Kaiyang KY696 portable commode wheelchair in our store.

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Price in Bangladesh

The latest price of the DY077601 Dayang medical commode wheelchair in Bangladesh is TK. 38,000. You can order this commode wheelchair from the Tista Online Shop or visit our store. For more information, call us at 📱+8801996401417.


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