Walking Stick and Patient Walker Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Walking Sticks and Patient Walkers at the Best Price in Bangladesh

A patient walker, also known as a walker or walking frame, is a helpful aid for those who struggle with walking. It provides support and stability, making it easier to move around. Crutches are also used to assist walking, especially for individuals with injuries, disabilities, or health issues. Both walkers and crutches allow you to lean on your arms, chest, and shoulders, relieving pressure from your legs and enhancing mobility. This support helps maintain independence and ensures safer movement.

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Patient Walker and Walking Sticks Price in Bangladesh

The latest prices of walking sticks and crutches in Bangladesh range from TK 500 to TK 3,000, depending on their size, material, and quality. A medium-quality patient walker costs TK 3,000 while walking sticks range from TK 550 to TK 3,000. We often have special offers throughout the year, so check our website regularly for discount deals.

Uses of Medical Patient Walker/ Walking Sticks/ Adjustable Crutches 

When you hurt your foot or have surgery, it's important to use a medical walker, also called a patient walker, as soon as possible. Your leg needs support while it heals; a medical walker can provide that support as you start walking again. Walking with it is safe, as it may take longer for your leg to heal, and you may feel unsteady. After foot surgery, doctors recommend using a patient walker.

There are different types of walkers. Some don't have wheels, while others have two at the front. It's a good idea to choose a walker with brakes for safety. It's also helpful if the walker folds easily so you can carry it anywhere. Your surgeon or physiotherapist can help you choose the right walker for you. These sticks and walkers are also part of stroke rehabilitation products.

Uses of Adjustable Elbow Crutches/Walking Sticks

When using a crutch, it's important to go slowly and carefully to avoid hurting your leg or putting too much pressure on your surgical site. Whether at home, in the hospital, or at work, adjust the crutch to your height before moving. These walking sticks or crutches help you walk slowly and safely, reducing the risk of injury and making your time with the crutch safer and more comfortable.

Safety Steps to Follow

When using crutches like elbow crutches, forearm crutches, or single or 4-legged crutches, remember:

  • Go slowly and be careful to avoid hurting your leg.
  • Ensure the crutches are at the right height to avoid getting tired.
  • Ask a doctor or nurse for help and advice on using crutches safely.

Walking Stick and Patient Walker Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for 2024

Patient Walker and Walking Sticks

Price in Bangladesh

Patient Walker with Wheels

৳ 3,000.00

Adjustable Aluminium Axillary Crutch

৳ 1,100.00

Adjustable Elbow Crutch Walking Stick

৳ 1,200.00

Adjustable 4 Leg Walking Stick

৳ 900.00

Single Walking Stick for Balance

৳ 550.00

Adjustable Tynor Elbow Crutch L-13

৳ 1,500.00