Adjustable Tynor Elbow Crutch L-13 India| Soft Top Handle Arm/Forearm Crutch

৳ 1,500.00

Specifications of Tynor Adjustable Elbow Crutch L 13

  • Brand: Tynor
  • Origin: India
  • Product Type: Adjustable Elbow Crutch
  • Code: L-13
  • Max/Min Adjustable Height: 984/745 ± 5 mm
  • Weight-bearing Capacity: 110 Kg
  • High load bearing
  • Good aesthetics
  • Has additional features and functionality
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Excellent Design

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Buy Adjustable Tynor Elbow Crutch L-13 in Bangladesh

This Adjustable Walking Stick/Crutch is for more than just support. It is like a key to boost your confidence and make moving around easier. You can adjust its height to fit you, and it’s sturdy. The Tynor Elbow Crutch (L-13) makes walking easy and comfortable. Take the first step to being more active and independent with the Tynor Elbow Crutch L-13.

Adjustable Tynor Elbow Crutch L 13 Using

Features of Adjustable Tynor Elbow Crutch L 13

  • The Polymer Handle: The handle is designed for both hands and feels comfortable to hold. It is also latex-free, non-allergenic, and durable.
  • Adjustable Height Elbow Piece: The adjustable height of the elbow piece provides uniform support and improves load-bearing, making it more comfortable and safer to use. We also have different crutches at our store for your best support
  • Flipping Elbow Grip: The elbow grip and closures keep the elbow in place, reducing the risk of accidents and freeing up the hands for other tasks.
  • High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Tubes: This Adjustable Tynor Elbow Crutch is crafted from high-strength aluminium alloy tubes, and it exudes durability and resilience. The lightweight aluminium construction ensures it can withstand the rigours of daily use without compromising its structural integrity.
  • High-Performance TPE Pods: Adjustable Tynor Elbow Crutch provides excellent traction, high wear resistance, and high resilience.

Adjustable Tynor Elbow Crutch L 13 Product

Benefits of Using Tynor Elbow Crutch

  • Enhanced Mobility and Independence: This Adjustable Tynor Elbow Crutch is lightweight and has an ergonomic design, which makes it easy to use and promotes independence.
  • Reduced Strain and Fatigue: The adjustable elbow crutch helps prevent fatigue and discomfort, allowing users to utilise the crutch for extended periods without experiencing pain or discomfort.
  • Improved Balance and Stability: The elbow crutch’s non-slip rubber tips and adjustable height ensure that users have a stable base of support when walking.
  • Increased Confidence and Safety: This Adjustable Tynor Elbow Crutch’s overall design and functionality provide users with a sense of security and confidence when moving around. This crutch helps to reduce anxiety and fear of falling, allowing users to focus on their activities and regain a sense of normalcy in their lives.

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What is the Price of Adjustable Tynor Elbow Crutch L-13 in Bangladesh?

The Adjustable Tynor Elbow Crutch L 13 Price in Bangladesh is TK. 1,500. You can buy Tynor Elbow Crutch from Tista Online Shop or visit our tore. For more info, call us at 📱+8801996401417.


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