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Buy Blood Pressure Machine Online in Bangladesh

Recently, more and more people in Bangladesh have been taking care of their health, and one important tool is a good blood pressure machine or BP machine. These machines are comfortable because they are cheap and easy to use, so many patients and doctors buy them to monitor their blood pressure at home. Bangladesh doctors say checking your blood pressure is a smart way to avoid more significant health problems or critical Issues.

Price in Bangladesh

At Tista Online Shop, blood pressure machine price in Bangladesh starts from Tk. 2,000 and Tk. 8,000. A premium-quality digital BP machine costs between Tk. 2.500 and Tk. 7,500. Also, the best-quality Japanese blood pressure machines available in Bangladesh are higher than regular ones. They may cost more, but they have advanced features, accurate readings, and top-notch build quality.

Types of Blood Pressure Machines in Bangladesh

When looking for a blood pressure machine in Bangladesh, you'll usually find two main types: traditional sphygmomanometers (manual blood pressure machines) and Digital BP machines.

Many doctors prefer the Traditional Sphygmomanometer, the Manual blood pressure monitor. It's a hands-on device with a cotton cuff, inflatable bladder, and a mercury or aneroid gauge to measure blood pressure. To take a reading, you'll need a stethoscope to listen for the sounds in the artery. It's a simple yet dependable way to check blood pressure levels.

Digital blood pressure machines are like modern helpers for checking your blood pressure. They come with a big, easy-to-read screen to immediately see your numbers. These numbers show the top and bottom values of your blood pressure. Plus, they track your past readings and when you took them. Because they work automatically and smartly, many people find them great for getting quick and accurate results.

Which BP Machine is Suitable for You?

It depends on your choices and needs. Manual BP machines are an excellent option if you want the most accurate readings or are on a budget. But a digital blood pressure machine is a good option if you're searching for something simple and easy. We directly import these machines from overseas and guarantee accurate readings as well.

Blood Pressure Machine

Price in Bangladesh

Xiaomi Andon Blood Pressure Monitor


Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


JPD-HA 210 Jumper Digital Blood Pressure Machine


ALPK2 BP920 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


Jumper Digital Blood Pressure Monitor JPD-HA101


Wellex Automatic Digital BP Monitor AS-35K


Omron Digital Blood Pressure Machine JPN 600


Omron Digital Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7120


MDF Manual Blood Pressure Machine

৳ 3,500.00

Alpk2 Japanese BP Machine

৳ 2,990.00

Japanese Manual Blood Pressure Machine

৳ 2,900.00