Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor | Wrist BP Machine for Home Use

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Specifications of Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Product Name: Wrist Blood Pressure Machine
  • Color: White (Non-Voice)
  • 99 Sets Memory Group
  • Measure Range: Pressure:20-280mmHg(2.7-37kPa) Pulse Rate: 40-160 times/min.
  • Accuracy: Pressure:±3mmHg (within±4kPa). Pulse rate: accuracy is ±5%
  • Display: Digital Liquid Crystal Display
  • Battery: Two Alkaline Batteries (AAA)
  • Operating Temperatures: 5.0 to 40.0°C, ≤85% RH
  • Dimensions: 82×70 x25mm
  • Auto Power off when no Operation for 1 minute
  • Four Modes are Selected to Adjust the value of the Sound Setting. Press the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons on the side to increase and Reduce the Volume
  • Size: 9.8*12*6CM 217g/pcs

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Portable Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

A wrist blood pressure monitor checks your blood pressure at home and shares the results with your doctor. Doctors usually recommend upper-arm blood pressure monitors for reliability, but wrist monitors can be a good alternative for people who find upper-arm cuffs uncomfortable or painful. This device helps monitor your blood pressure regularly and helps your healthcare provider with the readings, whether using a wrist or upper arm monitor.

Wrist Blood Pressure Details

Features Wrist Blood Pressure Machine

  • Easy to use: This wrist BP machine has a one-button operation, which makes taking your blood pressure simple and fast.
  • Clear display: The wrist digital bp machine has a large, high-definition LCD screen for easy reading.
  • Adjustable volume: You can find the perfect volume level for you.
  • Accurate measurements: This wrist blood pressure machine checks your upper and lower blood pressure and your heart rate.
  • Portable and compact: You can take it with you wherever you go!
  • Suitable for home or clinical use: This excellent machine is versatile for different needs.

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor All Side View

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Users

Additional Benefits of Using Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

More ways this wrist blood pressure machine makes your life easier-

  • This BP machine works for wrists between 5.3 and 8.5 inches (13.5-21.5 cm) in size.
  • This machine stores past measurements so you can track your progress.
  • Wrist blood pressure machine gives clear instructions in English at a comfortable volume.
  • Inflates and deflates the cuff automatically.
  • You can take this blood pressure monitor anywhere; no cords are needed (batteries not included).

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Design

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Wrist Blood Pressure Machine Price in Bangladesh

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