UM ARM SLING (TROPICAL)-C-07 | Arm Supports

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  • Product Name:  UM Arm Sling (TROPICAL)-C-07
  • Brand Name: UM
  • Product Type: Arm Support
  • Material: Three-layered PU bonded fabric
  • Adjustable shoulder pad
  • Thumb loop for handrest
  • Easy-to-use buckle

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UM Arm Sling (Tropical) Online

The UM ARM SLING (TROPICAL)-C-07 is the perfect partner for support and comfort when you have arm injuries. Designed with fabric that wicks away sweat and breathes well, this ergonomic sling keeps you cool in heated weather.

Features of UM Arm Sling (Tropical)

  • Three-layered PU bonded fabric: Provides durability and a soft, comfortable feel

  • Adjustable shoulder pad: Reduces neck and shoulder pressure for all-day wear

  • Thumb loop: Allows for desired hand rest and effortless positioning

  • Easy-to-use buckle: Simple and secure closure for hassle-free application and removal

  • Universal design: Fits both left and right arms

Uses Of Arm Sling (Tropical)

  • Supporting injured arms: Ideal for sprains, fractures, surgical recoveries, and post-operative care

  • Immobilizing the arm: Assists in proper healing and pain management

  • Reducing arm fatigue: Provides relief from everyday activities and strenuous tasks

Make use of the ARM SLING (TROPICAL)-C-07 to embrace support and comfort. Get yours now to see the difference for yourself!

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