Tynor Knee Wrap Hinged (Neo) J-15 | Knee Brace Hinged for Knee Pain Relief |

৳ 2,940.00

Specifications of Tynor Knee Wrap Hinged (Neo) J-15

  • Product Origin: India
  • Brand: Tynor
  • Product Name: Knee Wrap Hinged Neoprene
  • Model: J-15
  • Product Type: Hinged Knee Wrap
  • Material: Neoprene fabric bonded with nylon fabric
  • Color: Black

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The Tynor Knee Wrap Hinged (Neoprene) J-15 offers compression and stability to your knee joint. The posture corrector belt uses three layers of neoprene foam-bonded fabric that flexes in all directions for maximum comfort. The tough nylon fabric on the outside layers makes this posture corrector belt super durable and keeps its color looking fresh for a long time. Designed to fit comfortably around your knee, it prevents bunching when you bend your knee, providing a secure and ergonomic fit.

Features of Tynor Knee Wrap Neoprene

  • Sturdy Support: The anatomically shaped design and rigid splints provide robust load-bearing capability for enhanced stability.
  • Patellar Comfort: The brace features an anterior patellar opening, effectively reducing pressure on the patella and aiding in correct positioning.
  • Sporty Appeal: Its stylish dual-color design makes it an ideal choice for sports enthusiasts, offering functionality and a fashionable appearance.
  • Enhanced Wearability: Tynor Hinged Knee Wrap has a top and bottom band; the brace ensures controlled compression, a secure grip, and easy application.
  • Breathable Design: Perforations at the rear end promote airflow, preventing bunching during knee bending and enhancing overall comfort.

Tynor Hinged Knee Wrap for Rigid Support


Tynor Knee Wrap Hinged (Neoprene) J-15 Wearing in a knee

Benefits of Tynor Knee Wrap Hinged (Neo) J-15

  • These knee wraps reduce pain by compressing the knee, reducing swelling, and retaining heat.
  • Hinged knee wraps support and stabilize the knee joint, preventing injuries and improving function.
  • This Tynor knee support belt promotes healing and recovery after injuries or surgery by reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Tynor’s hinged knee wrap allows normal movement while providing support and stability.
  • Knee Wrap Hinged Neo Tynor is easy to wear and remove.
  • Tynor Knee Wrap (Neoprene) is a durable, machine-washable, affordable, and widely available knee support that helps reduce pain, improve stability, and promote healing.

Tynor Knee Wrap Hinged J-15 Benefits


The Tynor Hinged Knee Wrap Neoprene J-15 is the perfect knee support and pain relief solution for patients and athletes. It’s comfortable, durable, and practical.

So, Order your Knee Support Today and enjoy a more active and pain-free life! We have a Tynor Functional Knee Support D-09 in our store.

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The latest price of a Tynor Knee Wrap Hinged (Neoprene) J-15 in Bangladesh is Tk. 2,940. You can Order Now from the Tista Online Shop or visit our store. For more information, call us at 📱+8801996401417.


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