Tynor Functional Knee Support D-09 for Knee Pain or Injury

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Specifications of Tynor Functional Knee Support D-09

  • Product Origin: India
  • Brand: Tynor
  • Product Name: Functional Knee Support
  • Model: D-09
  • Product Type: Knee Support (Controlled)
  • Material: Breathable fabric, Neoprene
  • Color: Grey
  • Easy to apply
  • Features an anatomical design

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Buy Tynor D-09 Functional Knee Support Online

The Tynor functional knee support relieves pressure around the knee joint while providing firm side support and preventing movement. This knee support allows the knee to bend and move while walking.

Tynor Functional Knee Support D-09 Wearing

Features of Tynor Functional Knee Support D-09

  • This knee cap strengthens weak knees and offers supportive comfort.
  • It effectively reduces pain and controls uncomfortable movements caused by arthritis in the knee.
  • Specifically, it aids in the recovery process for patellar dislocation or fractures, providing stability and protection.
  • This knee support brace helps with tendon or ligament injuries by giving extra support while you get better.
  • Promotes healing and relieves muscular sprains and strains in the knee area.
  • This brace is helpful in post-operative care, providing support and aiding in knee rehabilitation.
  • It is ideal for preventive care during sports activities, offering additional support to prevent injuries.
  • This belt relieves mild strains and sprains that may occur during daily activities.
  • Suitable for addressing various knee-related concerns in older people, promoting comfort and stability.
  • This unique brace can be used on either the left or right knee, providing a universal fit for convenience and versatility.

Give your knees the care they deserve with the Tynor knee support D-09. Feel comfortable, move freely, and support your knees like never before. Order Today!

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Price in Bangladesh

The latest price of Tynor functional knee support D-09 in Bangladesh is TK. 2,600. You can order this functional knee support from the Tista Online Shop or visit our store. For more information, call us at 📱+8801996401417.


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