RFL Getwell Compressor Nebulizer Machine

৳ 2,300.00

Specifications of RFL Nebulizer Machine (Getwell)

  • Brand: Getwell (Sister Concern of PRAN-RFL Group)
  • Product Name: RFL Getwell Nebulizer Compressor Machine
  • Warranty: 01 Year Brand Warranty.
  • One button operation
  • Manufacture: Products of Getwell Manufactured in China
  • Pressure: Working Compressor pressure >09 psi, max>25 psi.
  • Electric requirements: AC 220V/ 50Hz , 0.8A Current
  • Nebulizer Rate: 0.4 ml/min (without cap)
  • Medication Cup Capacity: 8 ml (cc) max.
  • Box Contents: Compressor Nebulizer, Air Tube, 5 pcs Replacement Filters, Angled Mouthpiece, Adult Mouthpiece, Child Mouthpiece, Instruction Manual.
  • Uses: Home, Office, Doctor’s Chamber, Pharmacy, Hospitals & Clinics.
  • Easy Carry Handle, Easy to Clean

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Buy RFL Getwell Nebulizer Machine at the Best Price in BD

The RFL Getwell Nebulizer Machine (Getwell Compressor Nebulizer) is an advanced device that delivers medication directly to your lungs for fast relief from various respiratory conditions, including Asthma, Allergies, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

RFL Getwell Nebulizer Product

Features of the RFL Getwell Nebulizer Compressor Machine

  • Powerful Compressor: RFL Getwell Nebulizer delivers medication effectively with a 0.4 ml/min nebulization rate. It can efficiently convert medication into a mist for inhalation, ensuring proper lung absorption.
  • Easy-to-Use: One-button operation makes it simple for everyone to use. This feature is beneficial for children or elderly individuals.
  • Portable Design: The RFL Nebulizer Compressor Machine is compact and lightweight (approximately 1-2 kg) for easy transport and storage, which allows you to easily take the nebulizer with you when traveling or moving it around the house.
  • Quiet Operation: Minimal noise disturbance. RFL Getwell Nebulizer Machine makes it softer than many other nebulizers on the market, allowing for comfortable use at home or even at night.
  • Child and Adult Masks: Masks are for comfortable use by all ages, ensure a good fit, and seal around the mouth and nose, maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Complete Kit: RFL Getwell Nebulizer Machine Includes everything you need to get started, including Medication cup (8 ml capacity), Air tube,5 replacement filters, Angled mouthpiece, Adult mouthpiece, Child mouthpiece, Instruction manual
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to last with a 1-year warranty and provides peace of mind, knowing that your nebulizer is covered in malfunctions.

RFL Nebulizers Product

This Getwell Nebulizer Machine is used for Asthma, Allergies, COPD, Cystic fibrosis, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Common cold, Flu, etc. The RFL Getwell Compressor Nebulizer Machine offers many benefits, including fast relief from respiratory symptoms, reduced inflammation, and improved lung function while being easy to use at home and safe for all ages.

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What is the Price of RFL Nebulizer in BD?

The RFL Nebulizer Machine Price in BD is TK. 2,300. You can order from our Website or visit our Store.


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