On Call Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System | On Call Plus Glucometer

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Specifications of On Call Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System

  • Origin: USA- California
  • Brand: On Call Plus
  • Product Type: Blood Glucose Meter
  • Product Name: On Call Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • Sample Size: 0.5 μL
  • Test Time: 10 Seconds
  • Hematocrit Range: 25% – 60%
  • Operating Humidity Range: 10% – 90%
  • Operating Temperature Range: 5°C – 45°C
  • Memory Storage: It can save up to 300 test results and the time and date.
  • Glucose Test Range: The range is 1.1 – 33.3 mmol/L (20 – 600 mg/dL)
  • Warranty: Lifetime replacement
  • Test Averaging: Provides general, before-a-meal, and after-meal averages for 7, 14, and 30 days

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On Call Plus Glucose Meter Online

Maintaining Blood sugar is an important part of diabetes management. You can adjust your exercise, diet, and medication by tracking your blood sugar levels. At Tista Online Shop, we provide an On Call Plus glucometer to measure your blood pressure and alert you to reduce it. Millions worldwide use this device to manage their glucose levels effectively. Your diabetes management journey begins with your meter, and choosing the On Call Plus diabetes test machine means you’re getting more than just accurate results.

On Call Plus diabetes test inside

Features of On Call Plus Blood Glucose Meter

  • The Solution Power Lancing Unit and Lancets offer enhanced testing convenience with 6 adjustable depth settings, catering to individual preferences and needs.
  • Utilize the transparent cap to conduct tests on areas other than your fingertips, providing flexibility and versatility in testing locations.
  • You can choose from two different lancet sizes to ensure gentle sampling and reduce discomfort during testing.
  • This Control Solution 1 contains less than 0.2% glucose, while Regulation Solution 2 contains less than 0.4% glucose, meeting stringent quality standards for accuracy and reliability.
  • All formulas are water-based and include preservatives, ensuring the stability and efficacy of the solutions over time.
  • This glucose meter obtains dependable results in just 10 seconds, enabling quick and efficient monitoring of glucose levels.
  • An On Call Plus glucometer minimizes pain, requiring only a tiny blood sample for testing.
  • This diabetes machine easily manages your data for comprehensive tracking and analysis of glucose levels, facilitating informed health decision-making.
  • You can test on various areas besides your fingertips for added convenience and reduced discomfort.
  • You can enjoy automatic calibration with the included code chip, ensuring precise and consistent results with each use.
  • This glucose meter can store up to 300 tests with date and time stamps, allowing for organized record-keeping and analysis of glucose level trends.

On Call Plus blood glucose meter product items

Benefits of Using On Call Plus Diabetes Test Machine

  • Testing at Home: You can check your blood sugar levels at home instead of visiting the doctor every time, which is convenient, especially if you need to check often.
  • Accuracy: This device provides accurate blood sugar readings, ensuring reliability and trustworthiness.
  • Easy to Use: This glucose meter is simple to operate, even if you’re not used to medical gadgets.
  • Painless Testing: It comes with very thin and sharp lancets, making the testing process less painful.
  • Data Tracking: With this On Call Plus diabetes test machine, you can save your blood sugar readings in the device’s memory. This machine helps you monitor your progress and see any patterns in your blood sugar levels.
  • Improved Diabetes Management: Checking your blood sugar allows you and your doctor to adjust your diabetes treatment plan as needed, leading to better overall health and wellness.

So, order your On Call Plus Glucose meter, which can be your great companion. We also sell a Square Glucometer in our store.

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Price in Bangladesh

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