Rose Quartz Kegel Exercise Vaginal Balls for Women | Vaginal Balls for Kegel Exercise

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Specifications of Kegel Exercise Vaginal Balls

  • Product Name: Vaginal Balls/Egg for Kegel Exercise Set
  • Material: Rose quartz
  • Color: Pink
  • Use: Kegel exercises
  • Size: Large: 45*30mm/Medium: 40*25mm/Small: 30*23mm
  • Type: Crystal Eggs

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Rose Quartz Kegel Exercise Vaginal Balls for Women

Vagina balls, also called Kegel balls, Ben Wa balls, or love balls, are small, weighted balls you can put inside your vagina. They help with sexual pleasure and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Using them can improve bladder control, increase sexual enjoyment, and make orgasms stronger.

Kegel Exercise Balls Product

Features of Kegel Exercise Vaginal Balls

  • Better Pelvic and Vaginal Health: Rose Quartz vaginal eggs help strengthen and improve the overall health of your pelvic area and vaginal muscles.
  • Enhanced Muscle Control: Using these Kegel exercise eggs regularly can help you gain better control of your vaginal muscles, improving your perception of your Yoni.
  • Increased Creativity and Libido: These eggs for Kegel exercise can boost your creativity, passion, and sexual desire, awakening your inner energy and vitality.
  • Stronger Muscles: Exercising with vaginal Kegel exercise eggs can strengthen all groups of pelvic floor muscles and gain better control over your perineum.
  • More Pleasure for Partners: Regular use of vaginal eggs can provide greater pleasure to your partner and help him with ejaculation control, enhancing your intimate connection.
  • Emotional Balance: These vaginal balls can help harmonize your emotions and improve your relationship with intimacy and sexuality, fostering a deeper emotional connection.
  • Less PMS and Cramps: Many users experience less discomfort from PMS and menstrual cramps, as these eggs can help reduce associated symptoms.
  • Relief from Menopausal Symptoms: Yoni eggs can reduce menopausal symptoms by increasing vaginal lubrication and balancing estrogen levels, promoting overall vaginal health.

Product Portfolio for Vaginal Eggs

Sizes and Uses

Vagina balls come in different materials, sizes, and weights, ranging from marble-sized to about 2 inches wide. They can be made of glass, metal, plastic, or silicone. Some come in pairs or are connected by a string, and some have a string to make them easier to remove.

To use vagina balls, insert them and squeeze your muscles around them while doing Kegel exercises. Always use a lubricant before inserting the balls. We also sell a Kegel exercise kit in our store.

Vaginal Eggs with Rope

You should talk to your doctor before using vagina balls if you are pregnant or have recently given birth, recovering from gynecological surgery, have an intrauterine device (IUD), use a menstrual cup, or have pelvic pain or an active pelvic infection.

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Rose Quartz Kegel Exercise Vaginal Balls for Women Price in Bangladesh

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