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Buy Infrared Therapy Light at the Best Price in Bangladesh

The Infrared Therapy Lamp uses focused infrared light therapy to ease muscle and joint pain. This unique technology goes deep into your tissues, helping speed healing and relieve discomfort. Infrared therapy lights are often used in radiant heating to improve pain and provide heat therapy. Improve your well-being with the groundbreaking Infrared Therapy Lamp, now offered at a great price in Bangladesh at Tista Online Shop!

Is this Infrared Therapy Light Safe to Use for Body Pain Relief?

The infrared therapy light is safe because it doesn't produce too much heat in the tissues, preventing the risk of skin burns. This infrared heating therapy device has gained acceptance among many healthcare professionals and physiotherapists for its effectiveness in pain management. At Tista Online Shop, you can get this infrared lamp or IR Stand at the best price in Bangladesh.

How to Use an Electric Infrared Therapy Lamp for Pain Relief?

Our High Power Infrared Therapy Lamp features 150W, 175W, and 275W bulbs and adjustable temperature settings. When you use this therapy, please ensure a minimum distance of at least 18 inches and do not touch when it's hot. This infrared lamp actively targets various pains, such as Muscle Soreness and Joint Discomfort (like Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, etc.). Just 5-20 minutes under its illumination can relieve blood circulation and promote muscle relaxation. The skin absorbs the Red Light, transforming it into heat energy and providing therapeutic effects deep within. With its adjustable height, angle, brightness, and timing, this infrared therapy has become a doctor-recommended solution for pain relief. This therapy system is suitable for individuals of all ages and activity levels. This red light therapy lamp can be a comforting solution for joint and muscle discomfort.

Price in Bangladesh

Tista Online Shop in Bangladesh has various affordable infrared (IR) lamps to meet different needs. All the infrared therapy lights (IR) are doctor-recommended. Prices for IR lamps start at Tk. 4,000 for basic models. Premium ones with larger therapy lights are priced between Tk. 14,000 and Tk. 20,000. We have many collections. You just have to order from us, and we will share detailed information if you really need to know.

Benefits of Using Infrared Therapy

Try out our unique lamps at the Tista Online Shop! They can make you feel better by easing pain, boosting circulation, loosening muscles, and helping wounds heal faster. Pick from small and easy-to-carry portable IR lamps for home or travel. If you've got more significant areas to treat, we've got taller infrared stand lamps. Also, check out our bright infrared (IRR) table lamps. They give off near-infrared light, which you can't see, but it's thought to be super good for healing deep tissues.

What Things Do You Need to Avoid?

When you are taking these types of therapy, never use infrared lamp therapy on:

  • Broken skin or open wounds: It can increase your risk of infection.
  • Areas with numbness or poor circulation: You may not be able to feel if you're getting burned.
  • Your eyes: Direct exposure to infrared light can damage your eyesight. It would help if you were very careful.

Cautions when using Infrared Lamp Therapy:

  • Pregnant women: The effects of infrared therapy on pregnant women are not well-known, so it's best to err on the side of caution.
  • Children: Their skin is more delicate and burns more efficiently.
  • People taking certain medications: Some medications can increase your sensitivity to heat, making you more likely to get burned. So, it would help if you were careful.

Infrared Therapy Lamp

Price in Bangladesh

Philips Infrared Therapy Lamp for Physiotherapy

৳ 6,300

Portable (IRR)Infrared Therapy Light with Bulb

৳ 5,000

Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp for Physiotherapy

৳ 6,000

Medical IR Lamp for Physiotherapy

৳ 14,990

275W Infrared Therapy Lamp

৳ 16,000

Luminous Infrared (IRR) Table Lamp

৳ 20,000

Philips Infrared Red Bulb

৳ 1,800.00