Sinocare Safe AQ Smart Test Strips

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Specifications of Sinocare Safe AQ Blood Glucose Test Strips

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Sinocare Safe AQ Blood Glucose Test Strips

The Safe AQ blood glucose test strip is meant to be used with the Safe AQ blood glucose meter to always measure the amount of sugar in blood samples. These samples can be taken from the fingertips or a vein. These test strips are designed for people with diabetes to use at home or by healthcare professionals in clinics. They help keep track of how healthy diabetes is being managed.

Sinocare Safe AQ Test Strips Main

Features of Sinocare Safe AQ Smart Test Strips

  • Reliable Results: Sinocare Safe AQ blood glucose test strips have anti-interference technology that minimizes the impact of external factors such as medications or hematocrit levels on test accuracy. Accuracy is ensured, providing dependable blood sugar readings.
  • Blood Sample Flexibility: Sinocare-safe AQ smart test strips are compatible with capillary whole blood, allowing the use of fingertip blood samples. Additionally, it is functional when medical professionals draw venous whole blood.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Once opened, the strips remain usable for six months if stored properly, providing extended shelf life and convenience.

Important Tips to Consider

  • Use Fresh Strips: Only use a new test strip within the valid expiration date printed on the vial.
  • Reseal Promptly: These Sinocare safe AQ blood glucose test strips immediately seal the vial tightly after removing a strip. This thing prevents moisture exposure and keeps the strips effective.
  • Mark the discard date: Write down the date you opened the vial on the label. This note will help you track when the remaining strips will expire.
  • Dispose of Used Strips: When you’re done using a test strip, don’t reuse it. Instead, dispose of it correctly and follow the rules in your area to eliminate medical waste.
  • Follow Expiry Date: Dispose of all remaining strips after the discard date marked on the vial.

By following these steps, you can be sure to get accurate blood sugar readings and lower the chance of using test strips that are expired or won’t work correctly.

We provide test strips according to our customers’ needs. We sell 10 strips. 25 strips and 50 strips, if needed. Order your Smart AQ test strips today!

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Price in Bangladesh

The Safe AQ blood glucose test strips price in Bangladesh Tk. 650 for 25 strips. You can order these strips from the Tista Online Shop or visit our store. For more information, call us at 📱+8801996401417.


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