Plastibell Circumcision Device | Urology Disposable Circumcision Equipment

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Specifications of Plastibell Circumcision Device

  • Brand: Plastibell
  • Product Type: Circumcision Device
  • Product Name: White Plastibell Circumcision Kit
  • Wrap: Individually wrapped
  • Use: Single-use circumcision device
  • Device: One piece device plus ligature, precise plastic construction provides visual access at all times
  • Healing: Produces a clean line of excision, helping to promote rapid healing
  • Dressing: No post-operative care or special dressing is required

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Plastibell Circumcision Device Online

The Plastibell is a unique, one-time-use plastic tool designed for circumcising infants and boys up to 12 years old. It involves a plastic ring placed carefully under the foreskin, securely fastened with a tight band. This device prevents bleeding during the removal of the outer foreskin. This controlled and safe circumcision process adheres to medical standards and guidelines for the care of babies and young boys. Widely used in various medical settings, this single-use kit provides a safe and effective method, making the procedure more manageable and reducing the risk of bleeding.

Plastibell Circumcision Device Product Set

Features of Plastibell Circumcision Device

The Plastibell circumcision machine offers several features designed for a simpler and more efficient circumcision experience:

  • Reduced Post-Operative Care: This device eliminates the need for special post-operative dressings, saving time and money on aftercare.
  • Cost-Effective: The disposable design eliminates the need for repetitive and costly sterilization required with reusable clamps.
  • Safety and Reliability: With other clamps, there is no chance of lost or mismatched parts, ensuring a safe and reliable procedure.
  • Enhanced Visibility: It has a precise plastic construction that allows for continuous visual monitoring throughout the circumcision.
  • Guaranteed Sterility: Each Plastibell device is individually packaged and sterile, ensuring a safe and hygienic procedure.
  • Simplified Care: No special dressings are required, simplifying the post-operative process.
  • Reliable Performance: This kit eliminates the risk of mismatched parts that can occur with reusable clamps, guaranteeing a reliable and safe circumcision.

This circumcision device is the best for single-use, medical, and single-home use. You can use it for your patients or children. Order Now Today from Tista. We have a Stapler Circumcision Device in our Store for our valuable customers.

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Price in Bangladesh

The latest price of the Plastibell circumcision device in Bangladesh is TK. 1,000. Order this kit from the Tista Online Shop or visit our store. For more information, call us at 📱+8801996401417.


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