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Orthopedic Coccyx Seat Cushion Buying in Bangladesh

Sitting for a long time without proper support can make you feel uncomfortable and lead to back pain, tiredness, and bad posture. That's why it's important to use chairs or cushions that give you good support. At Tista Online Shop, we have different types of Coccyx Seat Cushions at the best price in Bangladesh. These seat cushions are specially designed to make sitting more comfortable and to keep your back in a good position. Whether you're working, driving, or just sitting at home, this cushion can help you feel better and more relaxed.

Why Do You Need to Use an Orthopedic Coccyx Seat Cushion?

As we say, sitting for too long can really hurt our bodies if we're not careful. Here's the deal: sitting too much can mess up the natural curve of our spine, leading to back pain. Plus, our hips and tailbone can start to hurt from all that sitting pressure. And if that's not enough, sitting a lot can slow down blood flow in our legs, making them feel tired or swollen. That's why it's important to take breaks and move around!

But here's the good news: these unique seat cushions are like little helpers for our backs! They support our lower back, making it easier to sit up straight and feel less strained. Plus, they're designed to spread out our weight evenly, so our hips and tailbone don't get too sore. Some even have features that help improve blood flow to our legs so they don't feel as tired or numb. So, using these cushions can make sitting for long periods a whole lot more comfy and better for our bodies!

Who can Benefit most from Using Orthopedic Seat Cushions?

Orthopedic seat cushions are great for folks who spend a lot of time sitting and deal with issues like back pain, discomfort in the hips or tailbone, or poor leg circulation. They're super handy for office workers, people who drive long distances, or anyone with conditions like Sciatica or Hemorrhoids that act up when sitting. If you are an individual who spends a substantial amount of time seated and seeks to enhance both comfort and overall well-being during such periods, investing in these cushions represents a sound choice. They give you support and help ease those annoying pressure points.

Price in Bangladesh

At Tista Online Shop, we offer a wide selection of Orthopedic Seat Cushions for Coccyx, Chairs, and Cars in Bangladesh. The prices change based on how good the cushion is and how big it is. For example, our memory foam Coccyx seat cushions range from Tk. 2500 to Tk. 4000. Additionally, we sell Lumbar Roll cushions priced at Tk. 500, and our exclusive Tynor Backrest cushion is available for Tk. 2500. Rest assured, we offer warranties on all our products, with some items covered for 1 year and others for 3 years. Shop confidently at Tista Online Shop for premium quality orthopedic seat cushions!

Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Price in Bangladesh

Lumbar Roll Cushion

৳ 500.00

Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion

৳ 2,500.00

Tynor Back Rest Cushion I-46

৳ 2,500.00

Tynor Coccyx Cushion Seat H13

৳ 3,700.00

Memory Foam Donut Car Seat Cushion

৳ 4,000.00

Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion for Coccyx

৳ 4,000.00

Multipurpose Memory foam Seat Cushion

৳ 3,000.00

Cooling Gel Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion

৳ 5,000.00