Non-Slip Yoga Mat for Exercise | Non-Slip Yoga Mat for Sweaty Hands

৳ 1,000.00

Specifications of Anti-Slip Yoga Mat

  • Brand: Tista.
  • Product Type: Yoga Mat.
  • Product Name: Non-Slip Yoga Mat.
  • Material: Foam.
  • Thickness: 8mm.
  • Size: 6 X 2 ft.
  • Design: Portable, Lightweight and easily can carry.
  • Important: PVC and Latex free.
  • Grip: Specially made for non-slip grip.
  • Product Care Instructions: Only Hand Wash.

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Non-Slip Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga Online

If you want eco-friendly material and a soft, antibacterial, non-slip natural rubber yoga exercise mat, we can give you the best, as promised. This mat is designed to provide the perfect and comfortable yoga experience. It is 6 X 2 ft, longer than any other foam mat, and easy to roll and take anywhere. The anti-slip features help you get a good grip and prevent you from slipping

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Features of Non-Slip Yoga Mat

  • Experience Confidence: It has a double-sided, non-slip surface. So, this mat ensures a strong grip for any movement. Its finely textured design prevents hands and feet from slipping, providing stability on wooden, tile, or cement floors, thus reducing the risk of injuries
  • Superb Comfort and Protection: This mat is crafted with specially designed foam; this thick mat cushions your knees and joints, absorbing impact and delivering exceptional comfort. Protecting your joints maintains balance and stability, enhancing your workout experience
  • Unparalleled Quality: The Lavish Handicrafts yoga mat is designed to offer the best comfort during your practice. Its extra thickness provides joint protection without compromising support or stability
  • Secure Grip: Our yoga mat’s Anti-Slip surface ensures a firm grip, preventing slips and ensuring stability while performing various asanas and exercises
  • Easy Storage: Conveniently fold out mat into a compact roll, making it effortless to store under covers or in tight spaces after your workout sessions, thanks to its foldable design
  • Easy Maintenance: To ensure long-lasting durability, avoid washing machines and dryers. Instead, clean the mat before and after each use and maintain cleanliness regularly. Keeping the mat dry promotes healthy usage for your routine

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Benefits of Using a Non-Slip Yoga Mat

  • Our mat helps you stay steady and balanced, especially when poses get tricky, or you start to sweat
  • It keeps you from slipping and sliding, making it less likely for you to get hurt
  • When you feel secure on our mat, you can focus better on how you’re doing the poses, which boosts your confidence and makes yoga more fun
  • With our mat, you won’t have to worry about slipping, so you can work on improving your poses and becoming even better at yoga
  • Switching between poses is possible because our mat stays put, so you won’t get stuck or tripped up

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So, if you are doing yoga and looking for an affordable one, this non-slip yoga mat can be your best choice. We also sell Gym Exercise Balls in our store

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Price in Bangladesh

The latest price of a non-slip yoga mat in Bangladesh is TK. 1,000. Order yours now from Tista Shop or visit our store. For more information, call us at 📱+8801996401417.

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