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Specifications of Nice S Tablet for Better Intercourse

  • Product Name: Nice-S (Habbe Nishat)
  • Manufactured By: Solar Laboratories (Unani)
  • Manufacture Area: Pabna, Bangladesh
  • Tablet: 4×5 Tablets (4 tablets per Strip)
  • Strip: 5 Strips per Packet
  • Batch No: NT2307

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Buy Nice S Tablet at the Best Price in Bangladesh

Nice S Tablet is a tablet for Sexual Debility, Premature Ejaculation, Fatigue for several days and Gonorrhea. This Tablet should be used carefully. It is good to consult with a doctor when you have it. As a product, this Tablet can be utilised as good medicine in Bangladesh.

Composition of Each 500mg Tablet

Each 500mg tablet of Nice S is a carefully crafted blend of active substances designed to address specific health concerns. This formulation includes:

  • Mabuya carinata at 133.33 mg,
  • Calcined Silver at 33.33 mg,
  • Crocus Sativus, commonly known as saffron, at 33.33 mg,
  • Castorium at 16.66 mg,
  • Along with other synergistic ingredients.

This combination is referenced in the (Bangladesh National Unani Formulary), ensuring that each component contributes to the Tablet’s overall therapeutic efficacy.

Nice-S Tablet Strip

Indications for Nice S Tablet

This Tablet is indicated for a range of conditions, including debility and fatigue. It is also prescribed for the treatment of Gonorrhea, among other conditions. This medication is formulated to address these specific health concerns and support overall well-being.

Recommended Dosage of Nice-S Tablets

  • Dosage: 1-2 tablets.
  • Method: Take with milk for better results.
  • Timing: 2 hours before intimate moments.
  • Note: Follow the physician’s instructions if different.

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Note: Always Consult with a Doctor Before buying or using this kind of medicine.

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What is the Price of Nice S Tablet in Bangladesh?

Nice S Tablet Price in Bangladesh full box is TK. 600 and 4 Pcs of tablet price is Tk.120. You can Order Now from the Tista Online Shop or visit our Store. For more info, call us at 📱+8801996401417. But You need to consult with a physician about your problem first.


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