Intelligent Snore Stopper Wristband | Anti Snore Wrist Watch | Infrared Anti Snoring Bracelet Device

৳ 1,500.00

Specifications of Snore Stopper Wristband

  • Product Name: Anti Snore Wrist Watch
  • Keywords: Anti-snoring device, Electric stop snore wristwatch, Snore stopper band
  • Power Supply: 1.5 AAA battery
  • Service Time: 8 hours (automatic off)
  • Output Intensity: 180uA
  • Main Output Form: 0.2 HZ fixed
  • Output Waveform: Fixed number of square wave output
  • Operating Environment: 10°C – 40°C, 30~85%RH
  • Preserve Environment: -20°C ~ 50°C, 10~95%RH
  • Transmission Environment: -10°C ~ 50°C, 30~85%RH

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Intelligent Snore Stopper Wristband

Our snore stopper is super easy to use! Just slip it on like a wristwatch and let it do its thing automatically. It’s designed to be user-friendly, so you won’t have any trouble adding it to your bedtime routine. This nifty device gently reduces snoring, making it a budget-friendly solution for better sleep. Wake up feeling genuinely refreshed every morning by investing in our wristwatch snore stopper. Say goodbye to interruptions and welcome the uninterrupted rest you deserve.

Snore Stopper Wristband Parts and Functions

Features of Anti-Snore Stopper Wristband

  • Simple Design: The Snore Stopper Wristband looks like a watch and fits easily into your sleep routine.
  • Easy to Use: Just put it on, and it does its job. There is no need for complicated setups or adjustments.
  • Better Sleep: It helps make snoring less frequent and quieter so you can enjoy deeper sleep. It also makes things more peaceful for those around you.
  • Smart Snore Detection: The wristband can tell when you’re snoring and does something about it accurately.
  • Gentle Reminder: Snoring gives a gentle pulse to nudge you into a different sleeping position without waking you up.
  • Comfortable All Night: It’s light and won’t bother you while you sleep.
  • Long-lasting: Thanks to a power-saving feature, it works up to 8 hours on one charge.
  • Helps You Move: The gentle pulse lets you change positions without waking you up.
  • Sound Quality: It’s made well and will last a long time.
  • Quiet Nights: Both you and your partner can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.

Snore Stopper Wristband Details

Important Safety Information for the Snore Stopper Wristband

Do not use this product if:

  • You have a pacemaker or another device in your heart because the signals might cause problems.
  • If you have heart disease or are pregnant, ask your doctor before using it.
  • Talk to your doctor first if you are sick or have an infection.
  • If you have bad skin problems or allergies, this might make your skin worse.
  • If your skin feels uncomfortable—like it swells, gets red, or irritated—stop using it immediately.

General Precautions

  • Always check with your doctor before using this if you’re worried about your health.
  • Never put the device on your mouth, eyes, face, or head.
  • Only wear it on your wrist like the manual says; don’t change where you put it.

Snore Stopper Wristband Full Pack

Product Box includes

Each Anti-Snore wristwatch set includes:

  • 1 Snore Stopper device
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Wristband
  • 1 Tube of Conductive Paste
  • 1 Screwdriver

So, experience a restful night for both you and your partner with the Snore Stopper wristband! The snore stopper is your key to a better night’s sleep—for everyone around you. Order yours Today from Tista. We also sell orthopedic pillows for better comfort. These pillows are very relaxing.

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What is the Price of Snore Stopper Wristband in Bangladesh?

The latest price of a snore-stopper wristband in Bangladesh is TK 1,500. You can Order this wristband from the Tista Online Shop or visit our Store. For more info, call us at 📱+8801996401417.


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