Hot Water Bag| Hot Water Pack/ Bottle for Pain Relief

৳ 350.00

Specifications of Hot Water Bottle for Initial Pain Relief

  • Hospital-grade rubber bag designed to keep water warm.
  • Use the hot water bag to relax with as a bed warmer
  • This can be filled this bag up with cold water and crushed ice which becomes a cold water bag.
  • Treat yourself whether you need to feel warmth or coldness.
  • Portable to use at work, at home, or travel.
  • Useable for adults and children.
  • Length: 10.5 inch
  • Product Color, Design, and Shape may vary from the given image*

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Buy Hot Water Bag/ Hot Water Bottle Online

Embrace warm cuddles and bid farewell to the chill of winter! It’s time to smother yourself in the great warmth of our unique hot water bag and get rid of the chills. This isn’t just a bag; it’s a ticket to unwind, pamper yourself, and de-stress after a demanding day. Forget about just heating things.

Features of Hot Water Pack

  • Soft and Cozy Cover: Our hot water bag features a super soft fleece cover, gentle on your skin and perfect for snuggling. Available in various colors to match your style.
  • Reliable Leak-Proof Design: Built with high-quality PVC and a secure screw-on cap for durability. Ensures a leak-proof design that won’t let you down in crucial moments.
  • Long-Lasting Warmth: Fill the bag with hot water for 4-6 hours of soothing warmth. Effectively melts away tension, providing lasting comfort.
  • Versatile for Different Needs: Ideal for addressing cramps, muscle aches, or simply warming up on chilly days. It is a versatile solution that keeps your feet toasty in bed as well.

Benefits of Using Hot Water Bottle

  • Pain Relief: Heat therapy provided by a hot water bag is a natural way to relieve pain, soothing muscle aches, cramps, and joint pain.
  • Stress Relief: The warmth of a hot water bag promotes relaxation, effectively reducing stress and leaving you with a calm and centered feeling.
  • Improved Sleep: Using a warm water bottle before bedtime can contribute to falling asleep faster and enjoying a more restful sleep, especially during cold nights.
  • Boosts Circulation: The heat generated by the hot pack helps enhance blood circulation, offering benefits for overall health and well-being,

Order your hot water bag today from Tista Online Shop and enjoy cold-free days and instant injury or pain!

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