Silicone Heel Pad Socks for Pain Relief for Men and Women

150.00৳ 250.00৳  (-40%)

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Moisturize the heels
Softens heels
Relief for your heel and ankle pain
Enhance a natural and Healthy look
Prevent to build up of dry hard and cracked skin
Protecting cracked/ dry heels
Reducing heel pressure
Reducing friction over the heel

150.00৳ 250.00৳  (-40%)


Silicone Heel Pad Socks for Pain Relief for Men and Women

Product Description

Orthopedic silicone heel defenders protects heel bone from extreme pressurefatigue and strain, prevents thickening of heel skin, keeps heel safe from pocksminced skinsludge. These moisturizing heel sleeve provides hydration treatment to repair your drypainfulhard, cracked skin on your heels and help common painAlso give ankle support and an enhancement of the appearance by helping reduce fine lines of aging. These heel protection socks can also be used with bottom cream
Relief pain prevents joints and bottom pain caused by inadequately padded footwear, diurnal weight pressurewalking and standing. Ultimate heel pain and heel swelling relief. Heel pad provides redundant bumpershock immersion, anti-slip and permeableTop Fine. Ultimate heel comfortstabilityapplicableprofitable and aseptic.
Unisize one size fits for. Provides redundant bumpershock immersion, anti-slip, anti-crack, permeableultimate heel pain relief slip- on pads, for heel painspurs, heel lumpTop Fine. One brace, two units, universal size. utmost thickest heel slip ones for ultimate heel comfort stability for firm bottom– fall. This bottom heel protection is applicableprofitableaseptic to wear under shoes or barefooted.
Washable and applicable hand marshland in water with soap greasepaint and dry in a shade avoiding direct exposure to sun
Direction for operation if you’re confused how to wear it, also please relate to the images that we’ve uploaded for this product. And please don’t wear continuously and don’t walk too important with wearing the product on your heel because it’s soft delicate and may not be suitable to repel out-of-door walking. These heel bands are ideal for men and women.


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