Portable Cervical Traction unit for traction therapy | Made in Taiwan


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  • Place of Origin: Taiwan
  • Brand Name: EVERTRAC
  • Function: Cervical Traction Therapy
  • Feature: Manual
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver and Gray

Everyway-Medical CT-800 Traction Unit is the ultimate cervical unit that is safe to be used in the comfort of your home. It stretches your neck with directly tractional force toward the occiput or back of the head. This effectively reduces strain on the jaw and neck. This Ready-to-Use EverTrac CTD is different and better than what is currently available in the market. It also does not require any moving medium such as air or liquid to drive the base plate. Instead, Direct Cable Technology is used to provide you with the best and most accurate traction force.

CT-800 Cervical Traction unit for traction therapy



 CT-800 Cervical Traction unit for traction therapy

Other technical specifications of Portable Cervical Traction Machine

Product  Name

Portable Cervical Traction Unit

Adjustable angle of rear stand

1st slot from top: 10°
2nd slot from top: 13°
3rd slot from top: 15°
4th slot from top: 18°

Traction Force

Range: 0~50 lbs / 0-22.7kgs
Step: Continuous
Deviation: ±5 lbs/ ±2.5 kgs


1 Year

Traction Force scale reading

0-50 lbs/ 0-22.7 kgs

Adjustable forehead strap

Total length: 100cm

Adjustable neck wedges

6 Sections

Movable range of head carriage

0-80 mm


Main unit: 52(L) x24(W)x17.5(H) cm

Hand Controller: 26.3(L)x8.8(W)x7.8(H)cm

External wire: 97cm

Package Dimension

Net Weight 3.2 kgs
Gross Weight 4.6 kgs

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