Panoramic Imaging Dental X Ray machine

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Healicom
Model Number: HPX-2000
Power Source: Electricity
Warranty: 1 Year
Material: Metal, Plastic, Steel
Quality Certification: ce
Instrument classification: Class II
Input Voltage: 220V±10% 50HZ±1HZ
Internal resistance: ≤ 1Ω
Fuse: 15A (6*30)
Tube Current Panoramic: 12mA ±20% jaw joint 12mA ±20%
X-ray Bulb Tube: XD20-0.7/105,
Target: Tungsten, Target angle 5.
Size of Focus: 0.5mm*0.5mm
Magnification Times: 1.20-1.30
Total filter capacity: 2.5mm Al
Exposure Time: 14s for panorama 3s*4 for jaw joint

Panoramic Imaging Dental X Ray machine

Main Features
• Adoption of an imported small-focus X-ray tube (0.5mm*0.5mm) and imported motor thus being capable of getting clear X-ray images.
• Adoption of various imaging focus tracks and 13 common imaging modes which fit for any patients
• Adoption of 1.2-1.3 Magnification times makes diagnosis easier.
• Convenient and accurate patient positioning
• Connecting to any brand of CR machine to realize digitalization.
• Revolutionary SCSRS imaging plates, the most abundant procedure can provide more clinical diagnosis message and jaw image information

Technical specifications
Input Voltage
220V±10% 50HZ±1HZ Internal resistance ≤ 1Ω
Input Power
During transient loading: 2500W; Standby state: 110W, 0.5A
15A (Φ6×30)
Tube Voltage
Automatic 60kV-88kV error ≤10% set automatically
Manual 60kV-88kV error ≤10% step by 2KV
Tube Current
Panoramic 12mA ±20%
jaw joint 12mA ±20%
X-ray Bulb Tube
XD20-0.7/105, Target: Tungsten, Target angle 5º.
Size of Focus
Magnification Times
Total filter capacity
2.5mm Al
Exposure Time
14s for panorama
3s×4 for jaw joint
Film Size
X-ray Cartridge
card-form cartridge: 150mm×300mm
X-ray Intensifying Screen
Up-down Adjusting Range
853 mm -1643mm


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