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Product Name Oxygen Concentrator
Model 7F-5W
Brand Yuwell
Weight 28 Kg
Oxygen Concentration Greater Than or equals 90%
Oxygen Flow 1-5 L/min
Size 445x372x680 mm
Input Power 500 VA
Power Supply 220V /-22V, 50Hz /-1 Hz
Output Pressure 30-70 kPa
Operation Noise Less Than or Equals 60dB(A)
oxygen concentration ≥90%
output pressure 30~70kPa
operation noise ≤60dB(A)

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Oxygen Machine for Home at Best Price in Bangladesh

If you planning to buy a Oxygen Machine for Home than Yuwell 7F-5 5 Liter capacity is a best option for you. You wil get one year warranty.

  • Time work cumulatively
  • Bypass the safety valve of the press for safe assurance.
  • Install the warning feature power cut.
  • Troubling feature for high pressure and low pressure
  • (7F-5 Double Flux) shunt design, oxygen is supplied simultaneously to two users.
  • The method of atomization (7F-5W with the application of a nebulizer) provides a maximum nebularization rate of 0,2mL / min
  • The oxygen concentrator and oxygen intake system can be split to operate (7F-5 with cord-controller)
  • Remote control and process
  • Continuous functioning.
power supply:~220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz
oxygen flow:1~5L/min
oxygen concentration:≥90%
input power:500VA
output pressure:30~70kPa
operation noise:≤60dB(A)
Flow range: 0.5~8L/min
Oxygen concentration:95.5%~87%
Output pressure: 40~70kPa
Pressure relief mechanism operates at: 250kPa±25kPa
Operation noise level: ≤55dB(A)
Input power: 500VA
Flow range:0.5~10L/min
Oxygen concentration: 95.5%~87%
Output pressure: 40~70kPa
Pressure relief mechanism operational at: 250kPa±25kPa
Operation noise level: ≤60dB(A)
Input power: 850VA
Minimum operating time: 30minutes

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