Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Forehead Ear & Body – Measure temperature of any object within half second

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Warranty: 1 Year
Power Supply Mode: Removable Battery
Application: Body, Forehead Ears
Quality Certification: FDA,CE
Measurement range: Ear & Forehead: 89.6°F-109.2°F Object: 32°F-212°F
Measuring accuracy: Ear & Forehead mode:±0.2℃ /±0.4°F Object mode:±1.0°C/1.8°F
Display: LCD back-light
Automatic shutdown: 6s±1s
Memory: Memory 35 groups of measured temperature
Battery:2*AAA, can be used for more than 3000 times
Product dimension: 39*27.3*160mm

2,000.00৳ 3,000.00৳  (-33%)


Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Forehead Ear & Body

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Features of  Non Contact  Infrared Thermometer

  • Quick measurement, less than 1 second.
  • Accurate and reliable. Can be use to measure of temperature of any object like,smartphone, PC or Laptop.
  • Easy operation, one button design, to .measure both ear and forehead.
  • Multi-functional, can measure ear, forehead, room, milk, water and object temperature.
  • 35 sets of memories, easy to recall.
  • Switching between mute and un-mute mode.
  • Fever alarm function, displayed in orange and red light.
  • Switching between ºC and ºF.
  • Auto shut-down and power-saving.

Indications for use of Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

The Dual-mode Infrared Thermometer is intended for the measurement of human body temperatures. The forehead mode is indicated for people of all ages and the eardrum mode is indicated for people above three months old.


The thermometer consists of a shell, an LCD, a measure button, a beeper, an infrared temperature sensor, and a Microprocessor.(Do not use the thermometer if the ear is infected with otitis or suppuration.)

Operating principle of Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

The infrared temperature sensor collects infrared energy emitted by the eardrum or the skin surface. After being focused by a lens, the energy is converted into a temperature reading by the thermopiles and measurement circuits.

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