Goniometer Set – 6 Pcs plasticr ruler with lather case


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  • Plastic Goniometer Medical Ruler
  • Made of plastic
  • 6 Pcs ruler in a Goniometer Set
  • Fold-able Lather Case
  • The weight is 470g
  • Use: Measuring Specific Joints



High Quality Goniometer Set for Measuring Specific Joints

use of Goniometer Set

Use the Goniometer set to find the range of motion for a shoulder joint. To measure the lateral rotation of the shoulder, start by holding the arm straight down against the body. Move the arm slowly upwards, stretching as far as possible. Measure the angle using the goniometer. To measure the backwards flexion of the shoulder, start with the arm down by the body and move it backwards before measuring.

  • The lateral rotation of the shoulder is the movement from the resting position (arms at your side) to the top of your body, as if you were raising your hand in the air. The average range of motion for the lateral rotation of the shoulder is 170 degrees.
  • The backwards flexion, also known as hyper extension, is the movement of your arm starting from the resting position and moving backwards behind your body. The average range of motion for this is 50 degrees.
  • The fulcrum of the goniometer should be on the fulcrum of the shoulder joint.


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