Digital Radiography Panoramic Dental X Ray Machine

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Healicom
Model Number: H-X9010DPro-2D
Power Source: Electricity
Warranty: 1 Year
Material: Metal, Plastic, Steel
Quality Certification: ce
Instrument classification: Class II
Radiograph mode: Panorama/Cephalometric
Anode Voltage: 60~90 kV
Anode Current: 2~10 mA
Exposure Time: Panorama 17s /Cephalometric 12s
Image Height: 11cm
Weight: 265Kg
Package: Wooden cases

Digital Radiography Panoramic Dental X Ray Machine

Presently cone beam CT is the most promising and revolutionary device of oral and skull imaging equipment. Its X-ray generator will move around the object for annular DR with low radiation, and after radiograph around the object for times (180°-360°), the jointed data will be reconstructed by the computer to get the 3D image. The application of CBCT has epoch-making meaning to oral health.
High Resolution Digital Image Chain
Digitalization mouth unit adopts unique HRBPR image reconstruction and WE image processing algorithm, and based on the super speed image reconstruction of CUDA technology, the NL-means image smoothing algorithm, and metal artifacts reduction algorithm etc. it provides the users 3D oral images with high resolution and high precision. Meanwhile, the applied pulse source technology can reduce the radiation level for patient and extend the lifetime of X-Ray tube.
Specialized 3D Diagnosis Software
The processing speed problem is solved by adopting advanced CUDA computing technology and the tomographic images will be generated after 10s. After identify the metal area and reconstruct the image for second time, the metal artifacts will be reduced effectively through second reconstruction overlying. The similarity of adjacent pixels is considered during image smoothing, which preserves the image details effectively at the same time. The spin control precision of the system can reach 0.01° based on the high performance FPGA and 5 phase step motor. The pulse X-Ray source and imaging flat panel can shutdown the X-ray synchronously within image reading time to reduce the radiation level.
Reliable Image Showing
Basic Parameters
Radiograph Mode
Digital Panorama, Corn Beam CT, Cephalometric Imaging
Anode Voltage
Anode Current
2- 10mA
Exposure Time(s)
Panorama: 17
CT: 20 (8 Effective Exposure 8 )
Image Dimension (FOV)(cm)
Pixel Size(mm)
0.45 , 0.33, 0.26, 0.19, 0. 07
Reconstruction Time(s)
< 60
Part CT
H-X9010D Pro 2D
H-X9010D Pro 2DE
H-X9010D Pro 3D
H-X9010D Pro 3DE


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