3M 1860 Mask Cup Dust Safety Masks For Adult/N95 Mask


In stock

Size Large
Country of origin USA
Closure Type Stretchable ear loop
Reusability Reusable



About this item

  • stretchable ear loop closure
  • 3M 1860 Mask Cup Dust Safety Masks For Adult Box of 50 pcs ,Breathable Protection Masks Against PM2.5 Dust Bulk for Adult
  • 3M 1860 Mask The 3D structure is designed according to the human face shape to ensure the tightness and safety. With stretchable ear loop and metal adjustable nose clip, a comfortable fit and reliable protection always.
  • 3M 1860 Mask Well Wrapped: This product can avoid the pollution caused by touch when taking the mask. Can be perfectly placed in your backpack, purse and pocket.

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