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Buy Nebulizer Machines at Best Price in BD

We have a broad collection range of Nebulizer Machines in Bangladesh that convert liquid medicine into a fine mist for effective inhalation. We have a wide range of different types of Nebulizers for use. Find the perfect Nebulizer for the best prices in Bangladesh from Tista Online Shop.

Types of Nebulizer Machines Available in Bangladesh?

Right now, if you want to find a nebulizer machine, you'll usually find three different kinds. But actually, there are five different kinds we like to talk about. Each one is special in what it does and how it works. Knowing about all five helps people pick just the right one for what they need.

  1. Jet Nebulizer or Compressor Nebulizer: These are the most common types powered by an electric compressor. They are affordable and portable, ideal for home use. However, they can be noisy.
  2. Ultrasonic Nebulizer: These are the quietest type of nebulizer, but they are also the most expensive. Ultrasonic nebulizers use high-frequency sound waves to convert liquid medication into a mist. They are less effective than compressors or mesh nebulizers for delivering some medicines.
  3. Mesh Nebulizer Machine: Mesh Nebulizers are a modern alternative. These devices use a mesh instead of a cup to transform liquid medication into a mist. But they come at a higher price point.
  4. Vibrating Mesh Nebulizers: A specialized form of mesh nebulizer, these devices utilize a vibrating plate to transform liquid medication into a mist. Recognized for their quiet operation, they surpass regular mesh nebulizers in effectiveness for delivering certain medications.
  5. Portable Nebulizers: These are small, battery-powered nebulizers that are designed for travel. They are less powerful than regular nebulizers, but they can be helpful for people who need to use a nebulizer on the go.

What is inside the Nebulizer Machine?

A nebulizer machine comprises three main components- a Compressor, a Plastic Tube, and a Medicine Chamber. The plastic tube and compressor connect to the medicine chamber. When the compressor is activated, it generates air in the chamber, transforming the liquid medication inside into an aerosol for effective delivery.

How to Use a Nebulizer Machine?

Nebulizer machines are specifically designed for individuals with respiratory issues like asthma (COPD) and Chronic Respiratory Diseases who may find it challenging to use inhalers directly. Additionally, nebulizers are commonly employed for administering medication to infants.

  1. Patients need to sit in a comfortable chair.
  2. Then, prepare the nebulizer machine as per instructions, ensuring the medicine is mixed correctly.
  3. Plug the machine's air compressor into an electrical outlet.
  4. After that, fit the aerosol mask over the mouth securely.
  5. Finally, breathe in the medication mist deeply and consistently.

What are the Precautions for Using the Nebulizer Machine?

As Precaution, we have to use this Machine in some steps-

  1. Always wash your hands with soap before handling the nebulizer.
  2. Clean the nebulizer mask and parts with hot water for half a minute before and after each use.
  3. Avoid using hot water to clean the compressor and the tubes of the machine.
  4. Replace the mask with a new one every six months.
  5. Change the filter when it looks dirty or clogged.
  6. Be cautious if you have asthma or COPD – don't use the Nebulizer Machine too much without your doctor's recommendation. Overuse can cause problems and make your breathing worse.

How to use Nebulizer for Baby

Nebulizers are helpful for babies with breathing issues from a cough or cold. But it is important only to use the medicine your doctor tells you about. Doing it the right way can make it easier for babies to breathe by clearing congestion. If you're worried about how to use the nebulizer safely, just ask your doctor for help and a demo on using it the right way. 

Here's a simple guide on how to use a nebulizer for a baby-

  1. Clean Hands: Wash your hands well and make sure they're completely dry.
  2. Gather Supplies: Get the nebulizer, tubing, and mask ready.
  3. Prepare Medicine: Put the prescribed amount of medicine in the cup and close it tightly.
  4. Connect Tubes: Attach one end of the tube to the nebulizer and the other to the medicine cup.
  5. Mask Placement: Put the mask on the baby's face, making sure it's comfortable.
  6. Turn On Nebulizer: Plug in and switch on the nebulizer; you should see a mist.
  7. Wait for Treatment: Some nebulizers take up to 25 minutes. If you need to pause, turn it off.
  8. Turn Off When Done: Switch off the nebulizer when the medicine is finished.
  9. Clean Up: Take it apart, wash the cup and mask with warm, soapy water, rinse, and let them air dry. Once dry, store them in a clean place.

What is the Price of a Nebulizer Machine in BD?

In Bangladesh, the cost of a nebulizer machine ranges from TK 1,600 to TK 2,200, depending on factors like type, brand, and quality. For a higher quality nebulizer suitable for home use, prices typically fall between TK 3,000 and TK 4,000. Hospitals in Bangladesh use nebulizer machines of various qualities and prices based on their specific needs.

Find your perfect Nebulizer Machine at the Best Price in Bangladesh

Nebulizer Machine Model

Price in Bangladesh

Medtech Nebulizer Machine

৳ 1,600.00

Life Care Compressor Nebulizer

৳ 1,800.00

Mesh Nebulizer Machine

৳ 2,000.00

Scian Compressor Nebulizer NB-219C

৳ 2,200.00

RFL Getwell Compressor Nebulizer Machine

৳ 2,300.00

Save Life Compressor Nebulizer Machine

৳ 2,300.00

RBC Plus Premium Nebulizer Machine

৳ 3,200.00

Microlife Compressor Nebulizer NEB 200

৳ 3,200.00

Air Compressor Beurer Nebulizer IH-18 (GERMANY)

৳ 3,500.00

Owgels Compressor Nebulizer WH-701

৳ 3,500.00

Philips Respironics Nebulizer Compressor System

৳ 4,200.00

RBC Compressor Nebulizer Machine

৳ 4,500.00

Omron Compressor Nebulizer NE-C28P

৳ 5,600.00