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  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name: Luckey
  • Model Number: KB-100
  • Product name: KB100 Diabetes Therapy Instrument
  • Application: Treatment for diabetes, diabetic foot and other complications
  • Function: Lower blood glucose level, stimulate insulin secretion
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10,000.0৳ 14,000.0৳  (-29%)


Specification of Lowering diabetes machine price in bd

Product name: Diabetes Therapy Instrument
Application: Treatment for diabetes, diabetic foot and other complications
Function: Lower blood glucose level, stimulate insulin secretion
Applicable population: Type 2 diabetic patients, the elderly
Type: Physical therapy; Naturopathy
Therapy Principle: Chinese acupuncture technology, meridian theory
Characteristics: Fast result, no side effect, natural cure
Certificate: CE
Pulse frequency: 32 – 125 Hz
Power Supply: AA(1.5V) battery
Instrument classification: Class I, Class II

How to use this device

User Manual:

Please click here to download the PDF User manual



diabetes machine price in bd

Since KB100 therapy instrument does not inject medicine or insulin,howcould blood glucoselevel fall?

According to Meridian theory, there are some points on the skin of the human body corresponding to the pancreas,applying KB100onthese points make a particular energy from the human body flow into islet cells, thereby enhancing the metabolism of these cells, removing harmful substances and improving the environment within the cells. This is bound to boost the normal function of the cells, produce insulin in large quantities, and lowerblood glucose eventually.


KB100 diabetes therapy instrumentcontains a compound to produce a special energy needle. The energy needle consists of light-wave,magnetic and electric energy.It is safe, strong, has good penetration and long lasting effect. This allows to better activate islet cells, enhance their metabolism, then augmentthe function of insulin secretion, result in lowering blood glucose level.


  • Type II diabetes.
  • Diabetic foot caused by type I and type II diabetes
  • Other diabetic complication (insomnia and constipation.)


Other diabetic complication (insomnia and constipation.)


Target the pathology
  The advantage of KB100 therapy is to directly treat the root cause of disease—type II diabetes is caused by the deficiency of insulin secretion due to the metabolism of islet cells. KB100 therapy successfully addresses the metabolism problem of islet cells,enhance the insulin secretion, thus lower the blood glucose.


 Fast result
  Lower blood glucose levelafterfirst session.


 Mutiple treatment
  KB100 therapy shows significant effects not only in treating diabetes, but also in preventing and managing diabetic foot and other complications.
KB100 uses 3V battery as power source to produce a unique energy. The energy needle consists of light-wave, magnetic and electric energy. It is safe and without any side effect.

KB100 hasacquired the CE certification for safety and quality.


  KB100 therapy is superior to the conventional drug treatment. Treating with prolonged medication usually introduce strong dependenceand toxicity which will seriously damage the function of kidneys and liver.


Easy to use
  Simply turn on the switch of KB100,patients can start treating themselveseasily.


  KB100 is small and convenience to carry.

Two AA batteries can last 30~60 days of treatment.



1 Insert batteries
  Pull handle gently (to avoid breaking off the handle) until battery compartment is fully opened. Install batteries in the indicated direction, then close the battery compartment by pushing the handle to original position.


2 Hold the instrument correctly
  Hold themetal sheets on the handle tightly, to prevent stinging pain from hand.


3 Treatin a circular motion
  Increase themovement speed as higher strength and reduce the movement speed as lower strength.

4 Pay attention to the angle between skin and

theenergy needle emitting pores

5 Trial run
1 Turn on the instrument by spinning the dialcontroller from “0” to “1”, the indicator light should turn on. Hold tightly on the handle and metal sheet attachment, movethe instrumentrapidly on yourarm or other parts of body in a circular motion.Start from the lowest strength of energy needle and increase accordingly.
  2 Turn off the instrument by spinning dial controller back to “0”, the indicator light should turn off.




Commonly used strengthfor treatment is 3-4. Higher the strength, more effectivethe treatment will be. Adjust strength according to your skin comfortable level. After you get used to it, increase the strength gradually.

·Do not rub the emitting pores on the skin, make sure to have 10 to 15 degree angle in between. Best if you can hear slight cracking sound.

Rotating the instrument rapidly can reduce stinging pain of treatment area.






Testing of Blood Glucose Level

  1 To better identify the result, please treat in the morning with empty stomach. (The blood glucose level peaks at morningin 24 hours.)
2 Measure and record blood glucose level prior to the treatment.
3 Perform treatment.
4 Take a break of 5 to 10 minute.Measure the blood glucose level and comparethe two results. (There is usually a decrease of 2-3mmoL/L.)
5 If the blood glucose level rises, it is due to the self-adjustment of insulin. The blood glucose level will decreasesignificantlyafter 3-7 days of treatment. (Avoid cases that patients stop all medicines.)
6 If there is no effect after 7 days of treatment with proper use of our instrument, check if the patients are the type I diabetes (insulin dependent diabetes). Our instrument does not treat this type of diabetes effectively.



Treatment for reducing blood glucose

(Please treat with KB100on the 4 indicated points below.)


diabetes machine

diabetes machine price in bd

diabetes control machine price in bd


When treating the back area, it is recommended to extend the instrumentto its max length, move in an up and down pattern for the treatment.Wearing cotton clothes can reduce thefriction caused by the movement.



Treatment for diabetic foot

(As known as peripheral neuropathy, refers tothe numbness oftoes or fingers, cold, the loss or the decrease of their painperception)

Diabetic foot is the most common yet most serious complication of diabetes. It might lead to amputation or even death.However there is no effective medicine discovered yet for it.KB100 cansuccessfullydetect, prevent and treat diabetic foot in the early stage.


Diabetes patients usually pay less attention to diabetic foot inthe early stage. Only after seeingthe wounds on toes, repeated infection or nonunion, then they may start taking it seriously. Unfortunatelyit has been very difficult to be healed.This is why it is important to checkin the very beginning.


How to check with diabetes machine price in bd:


a Calibrate the strength of energy needle.

Use the instrument on your instep, adjust the strength to the level which creates slight stinging pain. Mark the level of the strength.

b Check each toe.

Check each toe separately with the calibrated strength. Same procedure to check each finger.

c Record the position and condition of abnormal toes.

If some toes or fingers have less or no pain feeling during the checking process,record the position and severity of abnormal toes or fingers. This is an early manifestation of diabetic foot.


Treat on the recorded position.
Treat on each position for 1 minute.
1~2therapy session per day.


Do not increase the strength of energy needleduring treatment. Only use the strength level calibrated during the checking process, to avoid skin damage.



Treatment for constipation

  One common complication caused by diabetes is constipation. If the toxic body waste does not release timely, it can lead to the increase of blood glucose level.Please use KB100 on the area indicated below, to treat constipation caused by diabetes.



Treatment for insomnia

  The diabetics may often trouble to fall asleep and wake up at night, or awake early, which can lead to the increase of blood glucose level.Please use KB100 on the area indicated below, to treat insomnia caused by diabetes.



Treatment course

1-2 therapy sessionper day;
Each course lasts 15 days, adhere at least 3 courses.
Rest 3-7 days in between each course of treatment.


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